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Fees for all listed services are £28 per hour on an ad hoc basis, charged by the minute, except –

Audio transcription, which starts at £1.35 per audio minute.


Diary Management

We can ensure that your day runs smoothly by managing your meetings and appointments, handling incoming and outgoing invitations and requests, to maximise your time to the greatest benefit.  If you still use a paper diary or address book but find it limits the flexibility you need, particularly in developing your marketing, we can help you set up and manage an online diary and contacts list.

  • arranging meetings and appointments
  • managing logistics
  • electronic diary and contacts management



Stay up-to-date with your correspondence, reports and referrals at all times. Your clients/patients rely on good communication from you and will become anxious if they hear nothing, but correspondence is the first thing to fall by the wayside when work is piling up. Our reputation for ensuring clear, prompt communication to the very highest standard will keep your clients happy and help you to stand out from your competition, attracting more business for the future.

  • audio transcription – RSA UK medal winner for medical audio transcription
  • document management
  • Board report formatting


Database Management

Keeping records within a well-organised and structured system, paying strict attention to confidentiality, is vital in maintaining and growing your client base. Not just in filing your client/patient records and correspondence, but also in the production of reports to monitor your business, giving you an insight into how and where to market it to its greatest advantage.

  • data input
  • spreadsheet/database creation
  • data collation and reports



Whether it’s for an in-house meeting of staff, an open day for potential patients, or an outside meeting requiring full conference facilities and catering, we can manage your event and liaise with attendees/delegates to ensure they get the most out of the occasion.

  • venue booking and liaison
  • registrations
  • delegate support


HR Support

Recruiting and managing staff can be very time consuming for a business owner. We have extensive experience of hiring office staff, from formulating an advertising strategy, to screening incoming CVs and drawing up a short list of applicants, arranging interviews, developing job descriptions and maintaining staff records. We can work with you to find the perfect people to support you in your business.

  • records management
  • CV screening
  • job descriptions


Quality Management

The most successful businesses are run with the aim of providing a high quality service whilst always striving to improve the benefits to their clients. We can help you to run an effective and efficient quality management system to keep your business at the very top of the game! By setting up systems to monitor and audit your processes you can ensure that your clients are getting the best, most reliable service you can offer, and any shortfalls can be quickly picked up and rectified before your business starts to suffer. This is particularly vital when you’re striving to provide the best healthcare possible for your patients.

  • documentation management
  • audits
  • follow-up reports


Other services

As well as the specific services listed, we can provide you with a full PA service, whether you are running your business single-handedly, or as part of your office team who may sometimes be stretched beyond their limits. We can be hired on an ad hoc basis for short-term projects or busy periods, or on a retainer basis if you need more regular, on-going support. Whichever option suits you best, you will only pay for the time you need, logged and charged by the minute, with a minimum of one hour.

  • chasing invoices
  • e-mail filtering
  • travel arrangements
  • meeting invitations
  • internet research
  • purchasing
  • copy typing
  • document formatting
  • proof-reading


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